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Sometimes people ask me why I like to paint. The simple answer is that it makes me happy.  It gives me great pleasure!  When I look back on my work over the past many years, I realize, too, that for me, painting is a way of marking moments in time, memories, and recording the way people felt at specific times in their lives. Even a still life captures a definite moment, as do landscapes as the world shifts around us.

For many years I have painted interiors (probably inspired by 40 years in real estate!) and they, too, are temporal; tomorrow the vase of tulips could be moved out of sight. The painting becomes a record.

Most recently I have been painting people, usually as simplified forms in simplified settings. In these paintings I am trying to capture a moment in time, or the passage of time, or to evoke a memory of a particular person. I care less about a detailed resemblance than I do about the reaction you get from the form. I hope you will be moved in some way.

Several years at Art in the County
Three at Terra Cello Winer, 2017
Muse at The Picton Armoury, 2019
What’s Left Behind at The Picton Armoury, 2021



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